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Principles for Successful Learning

  • Each child is a unique, naturally curious and capable learner.
  • The program needs to be meaningful and responsive to the community in which the children live. It needs to be relevant to them, to their age and their culture.
  • Children’s ideas and responses are valued and spontaneously used to fuel our learning experiences.
  • An emphasis on positive relationships, collaborative discussion, thinking and learning.
  • Children are regularly invited to experiment with a variety of media to communicate their ideas and feelings and are constantly challenged to refine their skills, and thus enhance their communication processes.
  • Documentation is used to reflect on learning, to trigger children’s thinking and to demonstrate their understanding.
  • That all individuals are unique in their own way and have the right to share their ideas in a respectful environment.
  • The aesthetics of the learning environment are carefully considered.
  • Through open-ended curriculum planning; Children, teachers and families can take active roles in guiding the processes of discovery, pursuit, self-awareness,  communication, social interaction, perception, analysis and reflection.


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