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Our 5 Pledges of Quality to our Patrons

To uphold the quality of our education, Brighton implements continuous school improvement plans (SIPs) where a school undergoes a 360 degree appraisal by stakeholders that includes parents, students and teachers. Through our SIPs and regular appraisals, we are able to uphold our 5 Pledges to our stakeholders to continuously better the education we deliver.

Pledge 1: Quality of Leadership

  • Members of our Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Middle Leadership Team (MLT), Teachers and Teaching Assistants (TA’s) are dedicated educators who are carefully selected. They have experience in administering international schools that follow the curriculum adopted. We pledge to uphold the high quality of our staff and to improve the expertise of the staff through continuous professional development.
  • SLT conducts regular self-evaluation (SE) of the school’s strengths and weaknesses using the OFSTED School Inspection System (Office for Standards in Education) and the Quality of its accreditation agencies. The SE underpins our School Improvement Plan (SIP), which drives the school forward. We pledge to continuously improve our ratings on the inspections carried out by the accreditation agencies.
  • We believe our children and parents should have opportunities to provide feedback on the school’s and staff’s performance via communication channels and surveys. By listening and involving our stakeholders, we pledge to improve

Pledge 2: Quality of Learning

  • Inspection indicators show that all our lessons are “good or outstanding” when judged against DSIB criteria. We pledge to improve on these standards.
  • Our lessons are dynamic catering for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learning styles.
  • To assure the quality of our learning programs we: standardize planning and monitor plans via an approval hierarchy; observe lesson delivery; regularly assess and review students learning; set learning foci and targets to a student’s personal and benchmarked norms; develop cross-curricular links amongst all learning areas.
  • Staff members are observed regularly and frequently. Specific individual feedback and regular training is given to staff so that the quality of teaching learning and assessment is constantly improving.
  • Part of staff performance management uses student and parental surveys to rate a teacher’s performance.
  • We encourage students throughout the school to work cooperatively and collaboratively.
  • We encourage students to think critically and to apply their learning in other settings and in the real world.
  • We pledge to improve all of the above key metrics to improve the quality of learning delivered to our students.

Pledge 3: Quality of Pastoral Care

  • Our pastoral care is aiming to be “outstanding” as per the OFSTED inspection team.
  • We track student’s behavior thoroughly and motivate them through a system based around rewards.
  • Staff members hold regular meetings where an individual student’s concerns are raised and preventative strategies shared.
  • We look after our students from the moment they get on our school bus (or are dropped off) to the time they are dropped off at home (or are collected).
  • We aim to keep parents informed of their child and to keep the children in a safe and secure environment at all times.
  • We pledge to improve the above metrics to improve the quality of pastoral care delivered to our students.

Pledge 4: Quality of Parental Partnership

  • We work in partnership with parents and provide a wide spectrum of enrichment activities and support for our students and their parents.
  • Our elected bodies of parent representatives actively participate in school life. They promote greater parental involvement in their children’s education.
  • Parents are also involved as partners in setting targets for their children.
  • We pledge to improve the metrics above to better the quality of parental partnership.

Pledge 5: Quality of Academic Rigor

  • Our students are regularly assessed formatively and summatively using in-school and 3rd Party Assessment Systems.
  • We assess, track and benchmark our students’ Attainment and Progress against the curriculums and relevant international criteria.
  • We report assessments results to parents a 5 times per year.
  • We track and analyses assessment data which informs our teaching and school improvement.
  • Our curriculum model is innovative and detailed. It reflects recent educational developments, such as Assessing Pupil Progress (APP), Assessment for Learning (AFL) and other strategies.
  • Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and enriched.
  • Targets are prominently displayed. We use self and peer assessment strategies for students to evaluate their work and enhance their learning.
  • We pledge to improve the metrics above to better the quality of academic rigor.

Sports & Extracurricular Activities

With first rate sports facilities and over 20 team sports and extracurricular activities that includes –table- tennis, basketball, yoga, taekwondo, aerobics, drama, and acting to name a few – at a Brighton school, we provide a holistic education Program that develops self-confidence, character, teamwork, sportsmanship, excellence, and cultural understanding.

Our sports and other extracurricular activities make room for athletes – who have a serious interest in a sport or a particular activity – as well as beginners. With a wide variety of teams and a variety of playing levels, all Fortes students participate in sports.

Students discover their unique interests and passion. They learn to strive for excellence and push their limits. They learn teamwork skills and sportsmanship working with their peers, and recognizing and appreciating the cultural differences while working towards common goals. And students develop their leadership skills and character through real life competitive contexts that are fun and enjoyable.

In addition to having our own team of highly qualified and motivated Physical Education teachers and instructors who have gone on to lead our teams to win several leagues in various sports such as football, Brighton also partners with leading external sports providers like Sindh Sports Board, so that our students have access to wider range of extracurricular activities.

Brighton provides students varied opportunities to learn a variety of musical instruments and skills, develop an appreciation of music, enhance their creativity, and have fun. We have on our team qualified and professional music instructors and teachers who provide a nurturing environment towards this. Whatever the student’s goal, whether it is to learn an instrument or just have fun jamming in a band, Brighton is there to fulfill it.

Why is music important for your child?

Brighton believes in encouraging music at schools. Research has shown that an education in music has several beneficial factors for a child such as improved analytical and mathematical thinking; better cognitive and reading ability; heightened social development; better ability to learn and problem solve.

Field Trips & School Expeditions

With a view to providing students diverse and exciting learning and development opportunities, Brighton offers students opportunities to participate in various local and overseas field trips and school expeditions. These include: adventure travel; curriculum field trips; not-for-profit expeditions; humanitarian, social, and environmental expeditions; award-based programs; local residential trips; local school expeditions; city tours; sports trips; language trips; and cultural trips.

Students grow through these initiatives by taking on new responsibilities and experiencing the world through real-life contexts. They learn teamwork skills working and living with other students. They develop cultural understanding and tolerance recognizing and appreciating the differences while working towards common goals. They develop character by facing real life situations. And they enjoy and learn to greater respect the world and environment around them experiencing new places and people.

While some field trips are led by Brighton’s teachers and staff, in others Brighton looks to organizations like Camps International, a world leader in school expeditions to places like Africa, Asia and Latin America.

By participating in these field trips, our students and teachers get a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a profound impact on disadvantaged communities and wildlife on these field trips. Camps International for example specializes in responsible, sustainable and ethical expeditions.

Parent Engagement

We believe in h4 parent engagement and collaboration to improve the child’s education.

Brighton encourages active and h4 parent engagement in their children’s education as studies have shown that positive and productive links between home and school are vital to a student’s development. Brighton schools have active parent organizations providing parents a platform that enables them to participate in their child’s education as well as campus life. Parents volunteer and participate as Campus Volunteers; Sports, Field Trips “amp; Recreation Volunteers; School Events (Festivals, Fairs and Cultural Activities) Volunteers; and Professional Consulting Volunteers. Our Parents

Our Families

The cultural diversity of our parents and their children is one of Brighton’s’ greatest assets. Like students, parents bring with them their own cultures and interests, and aspirations for their children. At a Brighton school, we involve our parents in their child’s education and bring to bear the knowledge of their culture into our school’s curriculum and the students’ learning. Parents participate with their children as the students learn about, celebrate and appreciate the of their peers. Parents also socialize and get to know other parents thereby building h4 links in the parent community of a Brighton school.

Parent Engagement

A h4 Parent Engagement Program underpins the Brighton approach to education. Research has proven that when parents are not only engaged but actively participating in their child’s education and learning at home, the child does much better at school and indeed achieves greater success as an adult in life.


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