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Classes & Age Groups Level Catered Age Criteria
1 Pre-school 2.5+
2 Pre- Kindergarten 3+
3 Kindergarten 4+
4 Class I 5+
5 Class II 6+
6 Class III 7+
7 Class IV 8+
8 Class V 9+
9 Class VI 10+
10 Class VII 11+
11 Class VIII 12+

Looping Policy

Children are assigned to classrooms based on their age at the beginning of the school year. The birthday cutoff for entry into classes is July 1. However, the school reserves the right to make class placement decisions based on the best interests of the individual child and the school.Because we believe strongly in the value of relationships, children move between classrooms in a process called “looping” in which a group of children and educators remain together for two or more consecutive years. Each class transitions to the next age group together at the beginning of each school year. At least one teacher from each class will move up with children in order to maintain the strong relationships that have formed the previous school year.


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